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Newly Developed Vibrators!  

Natural Contours Vibrators
Candida Royalle, best known for her feminist porn films, recently created the Natural Contours vibrator, and proceeded to blow away the old penis-shaped vibrator mould forever. These curved devices are ergonomically designed to mould to the shape of the vulva (some have described it as resembling a Gillette lady shaver). Indeed, anyone finding it in the bedside drawer may be hard pressed to guess its purpose. 

There are four types of Natural Contours vibrators - the Petite, the Magnifique, the Superbe (shown above), and the Ultime. While the longer Magnifique version can be inserted, they are specifically designed for clitoral - and vulval - stimulation. The Ultime is a new model which is specially curved for insertion and G Spot stimulation. Users overwhelmingly recommend these vibrators as the new wave of female pleasure. It's good to know that vibrators are finally moving away from their “penis substitute” image!

Natural Contours are available from Gamelink adult store.

Gamelink also offers the full range of Candida Royalle Femme videos, the only adult films made especially for women.
Inflatable Men!!
Had enough of the real thing?
These guys don't drink beer and watch sport all weekend, but they are good for a laugh!!

Julian Rock Hard Doll
Julian is a male mannequin, the first blow-up doll designed for women. Here's the official spiel:

"Designed exclusively for the independent woman! Incredibly life-like doll has a gorgeous mannequin head, gazing brown eyes, flowing hair, soft kissable lips and a succulently erotic rotating and vibrating deep penetrating tongue. Julian is Better-Than-Real with a life-like rotating dong and exquisitely soft vibrating balls with a muscular physique and a firm, tight ass. Powered by the easy dial, super-powerful multi-speed BP-100 Power Paks. 4 AA batteries (not included)."

Personally, I like the sound of the "life-like rotating dong." What I want to know is: when did real-life penises begin to rotate? And how can I get my hands on one?

Male Black Doll
Super hung black stud with realistic vibrating penis. Go ahead and get on the soul train, cause once you go black... Requires 2AA batteries (not included).

There's more inflatable men at Bedroomsports Adult Store!

Fake Dicks

BenDover’s Realistic Cock
Get ready for the Big Ben of Big Cocks! This king sized cock is moulded directly from Ben Dover's stiff rod. Every vein and throbbing bulge is replicated in stunning realistic detail. Suction cup base makes for easy mounting on a solid surface.

Dr Stanway Self Lubricating Penis
A sex enhancer of special value for the adventurous lover, post menopausal or mature woman. CYBERSKIN material scientifically reproduces the feel of soft skin. Dr. Andrew Stanway is an M.D. & noted author of more than 40 books dealing with intimacy and sexual behavior.

John Holmes’ Realistic Cock
Man or horse?? Moulded from the legendary John Holmes. This cock is truly colossal! Comes with 'The History of John Holmes' book. 12" x 3"

Lukas Uncut Cock
Introducing the first "Uncut" rubber cock with completely functioning foreskin. Easily retracts just like the real thing. Molded from Bel Ami Star Lukas Ridgeston. Includes sample size lubricant.

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